About Violet Sage Walker

Founder, Violet Sage Walker,  is an indigenous Californian, a Northern Chumash descendant of Avila Beach and San Luis Obispo County. Violet is vice chairwoman of the Northern Chumash Tribal Council and elected delegate for CA state party ADEM Progressive Democrat for the 35th district, and a local community leader, born and living in Avila Beach, CA. Violet grew up riding horses in the mountains of her traditional homeland this is where her understanding of the culture and herbs began. She grew up hearing about the  apple orchards, herbal medicines, bees and traditions of her ancestors- Consuelo Violet's grandmother tended a 160 acre farm in See canyon. Violet is a descendant of Jesus Antonio Lopez* Chumash Vaquero, the namesake of Lopez Canyon. Recommitted to farming in a good way, riding horses, keeping bees and maintaining a fading culture, Violet is as close to California History as possible. 

Self employment appealed to Violet and she started Native Herbs and Honey co. in 2008  Native is a shared vision to make a living in a good way and share their knowledge, talents and Native California culture.

The products display a glimpse of rich heritage of Native California, strong maritime culture, beautiful oceans, beaches, forests sustainable products that represent this special place. Products are available at special events, local stores and farmers markets. Violet has a strong connection with nature, culture and shares her knowledge through public speaking, teaching classes and actively participating in California Native culture represents like minded community with a deep commitment to social-environmental justice.

Violet's family has long been charged with the protection of the natural resources, culture and ancestors of this beautiful space we share.   Her expertise in teaching with native plants, herbal medicines, local culture and politics are going to come into play in the ever changing future. Violet says  Being a good ancestor and creating a future we can be proud of for the next generations is what Life is about.  Standing together with the community, the Chumash people continue to represent the past, present and future leadership through a greater understanding of what it means to take care of our place, be good stewards and create community.  

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