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  • Mugwort Salve

Mugwort Salve

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Mugwort known as a magical protection plant,  has been used for poison oak, bug bites, stings, and hives for generations. It has also been used for gout, rheumatism, and inflammation. Mugwort salve is gently warming, mild pain relieving and anti inflammatory for itching and rashes.

For hikers and outdoors adventurers  there is a 1oz jar and bar of mugwort soap available to order, Its better to have it and not need it right? 

Mugwort is also traditionally known to bring awareness and protection for travelers, and visionaries.  Mugwort dream pillows are popular for intensifying dreams or helping you remember them. Dream pillows are available for purchase. They come in a variety of floral and native designs.

Mugwort is a goddess plant connected to the moon, dreams and visions.Mugwort can be of aid to women needing to regulate their mense and can be beneficial to relieve cramps and attain regular normal menstrual cycles.

This is a plant that is not traditionally used on pregnant women.

Many also keep a jar of it handy to ward off evil spirits.